Yerba Buena Logistics is family owned and has over 30 years’ experience in logistics services. We are committed to providing superior cannabis distribution and transport services for cannabis brands and licensed store owners in California.



Yerba Buena Logistics strives to become the leading Cannabis distribution & logistics firm, capable of providing effective and efficient sourcing solutions. Our mission is to partner with the stores, farmers, producers, and brands that are working hard to provide premium products for the cannabis community. This is accomplished through dedicated support of local cannabis farmers and producers by creating valuable and sustainable pipelines of business.



At Yerba Buena Logistics, we believe that there is more to business than just the bottom line. We are committed to the sustainable growth of our industry that balances the need of the consumer, the environment, and the community. We believe in fair wages, we believe in quality products, and we believe in providing exceptional service.



The team at Yerba Buena Logistics cares. We strive to meet the needs of patients, farmers, and consumers while providing the safest, cleanest, and highest quality cannabis products. With true partnerships and the dedication to be the best, our objective is to be a leader in the cannabis industry.



  • Fully compliant with all CA Laws and Regulations
  • Holds CA Licenses for Distribution and Transportation
  • Statewide coverage for CA
  • Currently operates and maintains a fleet of 150 trucks
  • Custom website engagement with personal page and product specifics
  • Geo-targeted locations so patients can find the stores that carry your brand
  • Partners in the Coalinga Project – now a state / city licensed manufacturing facility
  • Digital pricing guide for Dispensaries & Deliveries
  • Company Hubs throughout California to allow efficient scheduling
  • Custom portfolio catalog so dispensaries see you in the best light
  • Route Sale managers, logistics specialists, and business analysts utilize proprietary
    software tools to manager our dynamic distribution business!